German: Linguistics

This guide offers resources on German language, literature, culture, history, and current affairs.

Introductions and Gateways

Linguistics at MU

Here are examples of linguistics courses at MU.  The departments listed below may offer additional courses; check the current Schedule of Classes.  See also the offerings in Classics and Biblical Studies for classes in classical and Biblical languages:

English 4110 Structured Noise/Motion: Intro to Linguistics
English 4130 History of the English Language
English 4170 Language and Social identity
English 4170 Reversing Babel: English as a World Language

French 4120 French Phonetics and Applied Linguistics

German 4120 German Phonetics and Applied Linguistics

Spanish 4120 Spanish Phonetics and Applied Linguistics
Spanish 4140 Spanish Second Language Acquisition
Spanish 4150 Spanish as a World Language
Spanish 6100 History of the Spanish Language