Turnitin / Academic Honesty: Students using Turnitin without D2L

Managed by the Center for Teaching and Learning, Turnitin service checks originality of authors' work.

Never used Turnitin? Read this if your instructor is NOT using Turnitin with D2L.

Warning:  Follow the instructions on this page only if your instructor is NOT using Turnitin with D2L.



Help with creating a new account:

Enroll in a Class

Have your Class ID and Enrollment Password ready, and login at Turnitin.com


Help with enrolling in a class:

Submit a Paper to an Assignment

Although Turnitin now accepts most formats, be aware that there are some restrictions on file size and file type.  Go through the documentation below.


Accessing Similarity Reports

The Similarity Report is the evaluation that Turnitin generates for your paper.  You may view the report if your instructor has given permission to do so for that assignment.

Log-in at Turnitin.com

  1. Click on the class name
    Select the Class Name
  2. Find the assignment to which the paper was submitted.
  3. Click on the colored icon under the column labeled "similarity"

If "Not Available" appears to the right of the paper's title instead of the Similarity Report icon, then the assignment does not allow students to view the report.

Submitting Your Dissertation/Thesis to Turnitin

Ask your major professor to contact the Raynor Information Desk (414) 288-7556