Turnitin / Academic Honesty: Instructors Using Turnitin without D2L

Managed by the Center for Teaching and Learning, Turnitin service checks originality of authors' work.

If You Are NOT using D2L - Register with Turnitin as Marquette Faculty

You cannot use Turnitin without completing this step

Your account has to be manually created by the library. Contact Kelly Kobiela (kelly.kobiela@marquette.edu) to have the account created.  Additional questions may be directed to the Raynor Information Desk at 414-288-7556

Connect to Turnitin

If You are NOT using D2L - Create Your Turnitin User Profile

For information about setting up a Turnitin account

If You are NOT Using D2L - Set Up Your Classes

Reviewing & Interpreting Similarity Reports

Illustration of an Originality Report

Problems / Answers

Q.  I've forgotten my class' enrollment password.  

A.  After logging in, click the All Classes Tab.  Under the edit column, click the gear icon that corresponds to your class.  The password will be there.


Q.  Can I set things up so my TA can go into my TII class and help me review papers?

A.  No, not unless you give him/her your TII login and password.  However, TA's can have their own separate classes for which they have responsibility with you as coordinator.  Read about Master Classes.

Important Information for your Students

  • Inform students that papers will be submitted to Turnitin

Example: In this course you will be required to submit written assignments in electronic form to a plagiarism detection website called turnitin. Your assignments become a permanent part of the turnitin database, but will not be used for any other purpose than checking for plagiarism.  (excerpted from Turnitin.com)

  • Provide the CLASS ID and ENROLLMENT PASSWORD that you have assigned.
  • Educate your students about plagiarism. Let them know your standards as well as Marquette's Academic Integrity Standards/Policies. See Learn More: Plagiarism & Academic Honesty Guide.
  • Avoid Confusion and mistakes by clearly labeling and dating TII assignments.