HCOP - Health Career Opportunity Program: Article Search

A federally funded program that provides opportunities for disadvantaged students with the goal of increasing diversity and cultural awareness in the health professions.
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Badgerlink - for Wisconsin

Wisconsin's Connection to the World of Information:  Saturday Bridge Academy

It Includes several health resources including:

  • AltHealth Watch
    Provides access to professional and consumer publications focused on alternative approaches to health and medicine. Includes full text of periodicals, peer-reviewed journals, academic and professional publications, magazines, consumer newsletters and newspapers, research reports, and association newsletters.

  • Consumer Health Complete
    Covers all areas of health and wellness from mainstream medicine to the many perspectives of complementary, holistic and integrated medicine. Includes the Clinical Reference System and the Lexi-PAL Drug Guide, which provides access to up-to-date, concise and clinically relevant drug monographs. Updated weekly.

  • Health Source: Academic/Nursing Edition
    Provides full text for over 480 journals focusing on multiple medical disciplines.
  • Health Source: Consumer Edition
    Provides full text for over 255 health periodicals, over 1,065 health pamphlets, and 23 health reference books.
  • AHFS Consumer Medication Information (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists)
    A trusted and standard source for patient drug information, available in both English and Spanish. Includes more than a thousand drug information books written in lay language for consumers; a Top Ten Award Winner in DHHS National Consumer Education Materials Contest. This content is updated monthly.

Subscription databases available to the summer program students

Databases provide a systematic method of searching for articles, and other documents, on your topic. Some databases include full text of the documents they index but many do not. The top databases for biomedical sciences are:

Evaluating Articles

You should critically consider if an article is appropriate to use for your topic and type of assignment.


  • Type of Publication
    • Is it a popular magazine, newspaper, trade journal, alternative, or scholarly journal?
  • Purpose
    • Is the intent to inform, entertain, persuade or educate?
  • Objectivity
    • Are various sides or points of view represented?
  • Author
    • Does the author have expertise on their topic?
  • Bibliography
    • Can also be called a works cited page. Are the sources of information in the article cited completely?

Types of Periodicals:

You will find many different types of periodicals. The common ones you will find while researching are:

  • Scholarly Journals
    • Use for expert options and recent research results
  • Popular, News and Option Magazines
    • Use for current topics, trends, and popular culture
  • Trade Magazines
    • Use for subject-specific information
  • Alternative Press
    • Use for exposure to diverse viewpoints
  • Newspapers
    • Use for current and/or local topics

Search Strategies

Write down research questions for your topic and underline key concepts and keywords. Think of broader or narrower terms depending on what search results you retrieve from those concepts and keywords.

Think of synonyms and alternative terms to search and refer to a Thesaurus for more ideas.

Remember most databases will have a list of suggested subject terms. By choosing these you can narrow your search to those articles relate to what you are searching for.