Companions, Handbooks, and Guides: Find Your Companion, Handbook, or Guide

These reference works offer introductions to subjects, whether they be whole disciplines, prominent topics, or individual thinkers.
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Use MARQCAT to find your Companion, Handbook, or Guide

The Libraries have over 3,000 companions, handbooks, or guides, most of them specialized. One could be just right for your needs, whether it be psychology, history, nursing, statistics and many more.  Go to the Advanced Keyword Screen below and follow these steps:

1.  Change the first search window to Title, using the drop down arrow to the right of Any Field.  Enter the following:  companion or handbook or guide.

2.  Change the second search window to Title and enter any term or phrase that might get the book you want.  Put phrases in quotes.

If you get too many hits, go to "Limit to:" and enter a date range, such as 1990 to 2015.  Or change "Search and Sort" to date.  That puts the most recent first.

If you only want an online book, enter e-books in the third search window.

MARQCAT Advanced Keyword Search

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