Getting Published: Academic Works & Dissertations

This guide supports the writing and marketing of scholarly or literary works

Academic Works--Books

To find more books on academic writing, use MARQCAT’s Subject Headings, such as Scholarly Publishing, Academic Writing, Academic Writing Handbooks, Authorship--Marketing, Editing, and Authorship. Some titles in our collection include:

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Journal Articles

One way to choose a journal is to use the MLA database's "Directory of Periodicals" (available under "Advanced Search"). Here are a few books to help you as well:

Undergraduate Research Journals

The following is a selected list of journals that accept research articles from undergraduates. A longer list is available from the Council on Undergraduate Research.


Neo-Vox: The International College Student Magazine produced at SUNT-Cortland. Accepts art, poetry and short stories, commentary on the political world, and arts criticism from both undergraduate and graduate students to foster their communication and design skills.

Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal (annual, peer-reviewed journal accepting submissions in all fields)

Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences (national, reviewed journal

Young Scholars in Writing; Undergraduate Research in Rhetoric and Writing

These two journals are included in Ebsco Academic Search (limited to MU ID-holders):

McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal, 2008-- (see MARQCAT record and link to contents)

Psi Chi : Journal of Undergraduate Research in Psychology, 1996-- (see MARQCAT record and link to contents)