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Environmental Ethics is a broad and timely subject.
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Why Books?

Books are useful for in depth information, including historical context, overview, synthesis and analysis of information. Often a chapter or two, rather than the entire book, are all that may be needed for your topic. The process of writing, editing, and publishing a book is lengthy, thus even the most recently published book may not contain the most current information on a topic.

Tips for searching MARQCAT

  • Identify single words or short phrases that represent the major idea of your topic
  • Try these as "Subject" searches in MARQCAT, follow the catalog's suggested headings
  • Try the same words/phrases as "Keyword" searches.
  • Look at the subject headings on the records of books good for your topic and search any that you haven't tried yet.



Tools: Advanced Search

Search other Libraries

Look for books and other items in libraries near and far. Most items you find may be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

Google Books

Google Books is a great resource for finding books and gives a preview of what the book is about and often short sections to view.

There is a link to see if your local library library owns the book and you can see if any of the local libraries have the book!

Google Book Search