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About these resources

Some of the resources below contain both newspapers and magazines. This is in part because we buy them from the same vendors and they are available on the same platforms.  It is also because there is not always a hard and fast way to distinguish between newspapers and magazines, especially historically.

The differences between newspapers and magazines have varied through time. 

Common characteristics include:
  • Published or issued on a regular schedule, usually with smaller time increments. For example, they can be published daily, weekly or semi-weekly (twice a week), monthly or semi-monthly (twice a month), or bi-monthly (every two months).
  • They can be purchased by subscription (on an ongoing basis), or individually.
  • They cover news and current events; how this is defined depends on the intended audience.
  • Magazines tend to have longer articles, more formal language/writing, sometimes with more opinion.
  • Newspapers tend to have shorter articles, more factual content.

In recent times, the differences have often been in the physical format: 

  • Different types of paper:  newsprint vs. clay-coated
  • Different sizes of paper
  • Cover or no cover.  

To use or not to use: MARQCATplus

I do NOT recommend using MARQCATplus!  Although some of the archival collections on this page are searchable in MARQCATplus, others are not. Why not?  We catalog some of these resources at different levels of detail; those items cataloged with less detail will not be indexed (i.e. searchable) in MARQCATplus.

Use the links below!

Newspaper archives

In addition to the collections linked below, see also the Historical Newspapers Research Guide for a more complete list of individual titles.

Magazine archives

Broadcast archives

Finding transcripts for broadcast media

Finding transcripts:

Nexis Uni is the best tool for this.  Here's information on the time periods covered by Nexis Uni for the major US broadcast networks: 

  • CBS News: February 1, 1990 – present. Uploads usually within 1 day.
  • ABC News: November 13, 1979 – present, varies by program. Transcripts uploaded within 1 week.
  • CNN transcripts: January 10, 1990 – present, usually same day upload.
  • Fox News: January 5, 1998 – present, though it varies by program; uploads usually within 1 day.
  • MSNBC: November 1, 1999 – present, varies by program; uploads usually within 1 day.
  • NBC News: January 1, 1997 – present; uploads usually within 6 weeks
  • NPR News: varies by program.
      –  All Things Considered: April 15, 1971 – present; uploads within 1 week
      –  Morning Edition: September 3, 1990 – present; uploads within 2 days
  • PBS Newshour: July 5, 1976 – present, usually same day uploads.
How to get to the transcripts in Nexis Uni:

See screenshot below; the step numbers correspond to the numbers in the screenshot.

  1. From the Nexis Uni homepage, click on the drop-down menu immediately to the right of the main Nexis Uni logo in the upper left corner.
  2. Click on "All Sources"
  3. In the "Search Within Sources" text box in the left margin, enter search terms, for example 'transcript'
  4. From the results menu, click on the vertical ellipsis icon to the far right of the source you want to search.
  5. Click "Add to search"
  6. Enter topical keyword search terms in the text box at the top of the screen.

Nexis Uni Sources search menu