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Research 101

This is a resource to help users begin the research process at the college level.

Ideas for Creating Virtual Presentations


Alternatives to PowerPoint Presentations:


  • Feeling adventurous? There are several alternatives to PowerPoint.
  • Here is a great Library Guide from Sonoma State University on how to make a “Presentation with a Punch."

Above is a Tedx Talk: "How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint” by David Phillips, a Swedish specialist in the art of making presentations.

Presentation Resources & Ideas

Options Beyond PowerPoint to Create a Presentation:


  • emaze is an online presentation tool where users can create, manage and share their presentations using emaze's cloud based system
  • emaze is free and can run on any computer, web browser or mobile device
  • Here are: Presentation Examples






Podcast Resources:

Prefer PowerPoint? Here are Tips:

  • Google Slides
    • ​​Google Slides an easy way to create presentations
    • Similar to PowerPoint but the new templates and designs make it worth checking out!
    • It's accessible from anywhere via the Cloud. 
  • Powerpoint tips

Other Resources Offering Guidance: