COVID-19: Impact on Business

About this page

There are many organizations, institutions and individuals that are issuing advisories or opinions on the likely economic impacts of the coronavirus. This is only a sampling.

At the time this guide was created, these sites made at least some of their content freely available, though not necessarily all.  That may of course change!

Commercial and non-profit sources:

International institutions:

Library business databases

Below are links to library databases that have some coverage about COVID-19. 

Scholarly sources

Be sure to search in the NBER database, since there are already several working papers out.  Here're some examples to look for:

Barro, R. J., J. F. Ursúa, and J. Weng (2020, March). The coronavirus and the great influenzapandemic: Lessons from the “spanish flu” for the coronavirus’s potential effects on mortality and economic activity. NBER Working Paper 26866.

Eichenbaum, M. S., S. Rebelo, and M. Trabandt (2020). The macroeconomics of epidemics. NBER Working Paper 26882.

Garza Casado, M.,  B. Glennon, J. Lane, D. McQuown, D. Rich, B. A. Weinberg (2020, August). The Effect of Fiscal Stimulus: Evidence from COVID-19.  NBER Working Paper 27576.

Below are a few very recent papers from a variety of sources. I'll add more as I find them.