Creative Non-Fiction: Search Suggestions

Research guide for students in Creative Non-Fiction. This guide will help you find a book for your semester project.
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Search Suggestions

These are suggestions that will work for the library catalog. They will also work for other search interfaces like the EBSCO Academic e-book collection or your public library. 

I found that I got the BEST results when I was searching by the general idea of creative nonfiction rather than a specific subject. Searching by a specific subject often brought back non-relevant (to creative nonfiction) results. 

Keywords to Search

First, try: 

  • Literary nonfiction

​*I found this to be the MOST fruitful search that I did. It's broad and encompasses a lot of subject areas but produces a good pool of potential options.*

Also try: 

  • Narrative nonfiction
  • Creative nonfiction 

You can also search any of the words below from the subject heading box. Searching as a keyword will bring back more records. Use the "Modify Search" button to limit to online materials and add additional keywords if needed. 

Subject Headings to Search

  • American Essays 
  • Graphic Novels
    • HOOPLA from your public library will also have A LOT of graphic novels
  • Travel Writing
  • Autobiographies
  • Biographies
  • Essays 
  • Personal Narratives
  • True Crime


Class Authors: 

  • James Baldwin - we have several of his texts available online. See the "Author" video to see how to search for Baldwin materials. 
  • Joan Didion - we do not have not have online access to her books. 
  • Pico Iyer - we have one book online -- "A Beginner's Guide to Japan." See it below. 
  • John McPhee - we do not have online access to her books. 

Potential Titles from the Catalog

I did some searches already and some didn't work well but occasionally, an interesting book would appear that seems to fit your project criteria. This is a list of those books. This is NOT a comprehensive list. Searching any of the keywords or subject headings above with the online material limiter will bring back other really good results.