Creative Non-Fiction: Searching for eBooks

Research guide for students in Creative Non-Fiction. This guide will help you find a book for your semester project.
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Where to Search

There are two good options for finding an e-book. 

  • You can conduct a search in the library catalog and LIMIT your results to only online materials. 
  • You can also visit one of our e-book platforms and search or browse through titles. 

There may be some overlap between the two. 

Search for e-books in the library catalog

This video shows how to use the ADVANCED SEARCH option within the catalog to search your keyword and limit to online materials. 

This video shows how to search by SUBJECT HEADING and then limit your search to online materials. It has a different "limit" screen than the advanced search screen in the video above. 

Browse e-books collections

In each of these platforms, you can search by author, title, subject heading, or keyword. I recommend searching in the EBSCO platform first. I find it the most user-friendly and with the least restrictions.