Antiracism Resources: Start Here

Suggestions from the library's collections as well as lists and guides to materials outside of the library
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This guide is a collaborative effort. Many resource suggestions came from Marquette library workers:Taylor Ralph, Elizabeth Gibes, Liz Wawrzyniak, and Kate Otto. Other suggestions came from Alyssa Valcourt, Jen Maney, Sheena Carey, Desiree Valentine, and Grant Silva.

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This guide is intended to provide resources related to social justice issues important to the Marquette community. 

The goal is to promote works and resources that can help educate yourself and others to be actively anti-racist. This can happen in a variety of ways - through changing required readings for students, supporting authors of color, finding new perspectives and understanding history in order to advocate for a better future for all of us. 

This guide is not exhaustive - there is always room for improvements. If you have suggestions, please let us know in the form below. Thank you!

What's Next?

After you've taken time to read, watch, or listen, please take time to reflect. Then take more time to read, listen, and watch. And then decide what you're doing to do next. Education is only part of the solution - action is required.

Thanks to Professor Sheena Carey (College of Comm) for bringing this tweet to our attention. 

How this guide is organized

Single items like book titles or movie titles are listed in their format sections (see side navigation). 

Lists of movies or lists of books are listed within that specific format. 

Lists of materials that contain multiple formats (books, movies, podcasts, and other resources) and examples of syllabi are located in "Other Resource Lists."

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