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Designing an Effective Syllabus

Resources to help faculty and staff design an effective syllabus to engage and motivate students

Online/Blended Learning Syllabus Template

The purpose of this document is to provide faculty with a template syllabus that includes topics and examples that are considered best practices, with special considerations for online and blended courses. This is the syllabus template approved by the Committee on Teaching at Marquette University with adaptations for online courses. (created July 2020, revised August 2020)

This document was drafted by CTL and Digital Learning in July 2020. For questions regarding this document, please contact María Parés-Toral ( or Jen Maney ( 

College Specific Templates

Colleges may have their own template or requirements for your syllabus. We encourage you to check with the appropriate staff who can provide more information about your college's requirements.  

If you would like your college information to be available on this page, please contact Claire Dinkelman ( 

College Contacts

If you would like your contact information to be available on this page, please contact Claire Dinkelman ( 

Examples of Syllabi

If you would like to provide an example copy of your syllabus to be available on this page, please contact Claire Dinkelman (