Designing an Effective Syllabus: Marquette University Syllabus Guidelines

Resources to help faculty and staff design an effective syllabus to engage and motivate students

Online/Blended Learning Syllabus Template

This document provides faculty with a template syllabus that includes topics and examples that are considered best practices, with special considerations for online and blended courses.

This is the syllabus template approved by the Committee on Teaching at Marquette University with adaptations for online courses. (created July 2020, revised August 2020)

For questions regarding this document, please contact María Parés-Toral ( or Jen Maney ( 

UPDATED - 2022-23 Attendance and Class Expectations recommendations

Religious Holidays 2022-23

General Syllabus Guidelines and Template

This draft document is from the Committee on Teaching (April 2019). This document can serve as a template and starting point for your class syllabus. 

Syllabus Essentials

Below are a list of some key areas that would be good to include on your syllabus. 

Items that are bolded and have *** are items that have special online or blended course considerations.

See the syllabus template above for more help with each of these "essentials."

  • Contact Information
  • Office hours***
  • Course description
  • Course overview
  • Required Textbooks, Resources, and Materials***
  • Course Learning Objectives/Outcomes
  • Communication Policy***
  • Attendance and Participation***
  • Late Work Policy***
  • Assignments
  • Discussions***
  • Important Dates
  • Grading and assessment
  • Course Policies***
  • Accommodation statement***
  • Resources for Students***
  • Class Schedule***

Incorporating Ignatian Values Into Your Syllabus

"Cura Personalis" Statement

This sample Cura Personalis statement was drafted by Dr. Melissa Shew (College of Arts & Science, Philosophy, summer 2020). 

This statement explains what cura personalis is, what it means to the mission of Marquette, and links to resources for students that care for their whole person.