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Mission Week 2015

Who Cares? Charity, Justice and the Quest for the Common Good, a partnership with Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Relief Services in Action

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Catholic Relief Services in action - photo of a young girl in a classroom  Catholic Relief Services in Action - photo of an infant being vaccinated  Catholic Relief Services in Action - photo of a man and his son  Catholic
Catholic Relief Services in Action - family viewing an illustrated book  Catholic Relief Services in Action - young girl getting fresh water  Catholic Relief Services in Action - width=  Catholic Relief Services in Action - three youths carrying containers

Welcome to Mission Week 2015!

It is our privilege to invite you once again to the Raynor Memorial Libraries' Mission Week Resource Guide. The Mission Week 2015 theme is, Who Cares? Charity, Justice, and the Quest for the Common Good. Through this lens we will reflect on how we can be both smart and compassionate in responding to the needs of our sisters and brothers in Milwaukee and internationally.

How can we challenge ourselves to grow in this way? Aware that we are part of a wider community, Marquette has partnered with Catholic Relief Services, an international powerhouse that serves in countries around the globe to meet human needs and uphold the dignity of every person.  This resource guide will inform and supplement the week of discussions that explore the frontiers of head and heart needed to create a more just and humane world.

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