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Creating Posters

Several programs and file formats can be used.  Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop from Adobe as well as PowerPoint and Publisher from Microsoft are among the programs that can produce poster-sized prints.  These programs are available on several Raynor Library workstations

Common dimensions for posters are 24x36, 36x42, and 42x42.  Remember one side of the poster's dimensions cannot exceed 42 inches.

Cost:  15 cents per linear inch of paper spooled from the roll. For example at 36" x 48" poster would cost
$7.20 (48 x .15).  The only type of paper that is used to print is Universal Bond Print 90 gsm.

Payment for the poster is Marquette Cash or interdepartmental billing.  If you are using interdepartmental billing please email Joseph Humer . Posters are to be paid upon pickup.


Some basic rules to remember:

1.  Set the dimensions first.  If this is done after the content is added images or text may appear stretched and pixelated when they are scaled to larger dimensions.

2.  Avoid image pixelation.  Make sure photos and images inserted into the PowerPoint slide or Publisher document are sufficiently large enough to be enlarged.  Generally to avoid pixelation any photo or graphic should not be enlarged more than 20 percent.

3.  Avoid non-standard fonts.  If you are not using standard fonts the workstation that processes the poster order may try to substitute or replace your fonts which will change the look of your poster.  If you need to use a non-standard font we recommend saving your poster as a PDF.  Adobe PDF documents will retain font information so they can be printed without font replacement issues.

4.  Beware of Copyright.  We are unable to knowingly complete a poster printing request where images may be copyrighted.  See the Copyright and Intellectual Property Guidelines section below for more information.

5.  PDF's only please.  When saving your final document (PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.) be sure to save it as a PDF.

6.  One document per file.  When submitting your poster for printing be sure the file contains only one PowerPoint slide or document (Publisher, PDF, etc.).  Each slide or document must be submitted on a separate request form.

Using PowerPoint

1.  Open Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint-toolbar

2.  Select the Design tab.

3.  Click Slide Size (right-side of toolbar).

4.  Select Custom Slide Size.

Microsoft PowerPoint-setting a custom slide size

5.  In the pop-up box set the dimensions and choose either "portrait" or "landscape" mode.  Remember, one dimension cannot exceed 44 inches.

6.  Remember to save the PowerPoint document as a PDF for best printing results.

Using Publisher

1.  Open Microsoft Publisher.

2.  Select "More Blank Page Sizes".

Microsoft Publisher-choosing more blank page sizes

3.  Select "Create new page size..."

Microsoft Publisher-creating a new page size

4.  Enter the dimensions needed.

Microsoft Publisher-setting dimensions

5.  When you have finished editing your document remember to save it as a PDF for best printing results.

Poster Printing

Canon ipf 815 44-inch printerThe Digital Scholarship Lab utilizes a Canon ipf 815 42-inch printer to produce poster sized full color prints for students.  Posters will be printed with one dimension of 42 inches (size of the width of the paper).  All poster submissions are reviewed by Digital Scholarship Lab staff to ensure efficient use of the printer and resources.  Posters under 42 inches may be rotated to conserve paper. 

Properly formatted poster submissions will be printed within three business days (Monday-Friday, excluding holiday and break periods) and can be paid for / picked up at the Raynor Reserves & Media Services Desk (Raynor Lower Level).  Students are notified via e-mail when the print is ready for pick-up.

Students submitting poster requests are responsible for trimming the prints to their final size. if you wish to crop your poster tools are available in the Digital Scholarship Lab.


Cost:  15 cents per linear inch of paper spooled from the roll. For example at 36" x 48" poster would cost
$7.20 (48 x .15)


Digital Scholarship Lab staff can provide a cost estimate if needed.


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