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Find out more about the Digital Media Studio equipment, services and support.

A New Location: Macs and media equipment have moved!

The Digital Media equipment has moved to a new home at the lower-level of Raynor and is located in the Media/Reserves area, just to the left of the conference rooms.

Mac computers with access to Adobe Creative Cloud, are also located in the lower-level.;

The Digital Media Studio editing room remains on the first-floor of Raynor. Please contact the Information Desk to unlock the editing room during your reserved times:

Digital Media Studio Services

The Digital Media Studio serves students by providing them with equipment, software, and basic instruction for digital media projects. The Digital Media Studio at Raynor Memorial Libraries is dedicated to offering students the essentials they need to complete a digital media assignment ranging from video editing to visual presentations to sound recording. Since university education is an increasingly digital enterprise, the library has responded by working to provide the fundamental tools for the future of college-level learning. The studio itself exists to organize the library’s resources and to provide basic assistance for its student patrons.


The studio is staffed by tech-savvy students ready to assist with drop-in questions and to give scheduled instructional sessions.

Equipment at a Glance


Offering a growing collection of digital equipment

  • 47 video cameras
  • 20 iPads
  • 10 iMac computers
  • 10 HP Elitebook 8750p laptops
  • 8 Macbook Pros
  • 3 microphones
  • 6 external hard drives
  • 2 sound recorders
  • 1 High-Def Mac
  • 1 Widescreen PC
  • 3 digital cameras
  • 18 tripods
  • A dedicated room