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Theology & Religious Studies
Theology & Religious Studies
by Rose Trupiano - Last Updated Jul 14, 2014
Biblical Studies
by Rose Trupiano - Last Updated Jul 14, 2014
Guide to help you find library resources to help with studies of the Bible.
by Rose Trupiano - Last Updated Dec 20, 2013
Resources to research Early Church Fathers and early Church History
Islamic Studies
by John Jentz - Last Updated Jul 7, 2014
This Research Guides provides access to resources at Marquette Libraries and on the Internet about the Islam and the Mideast.
by Jamie Kellner - Last Updated May 7, 2014
This guide is intended to aid in the study of the Latin language, classical, medieval, and otherwise, at Marquette University.
American Indians - Archival Resources
by Mark Thiel - Last Updated Apr 19, 2012
Guide to archival resources about Native Americans (American Indians/Eskimos of North/South America) in the Marquette Archives and other archival repositories
Dead Sea Scrolls
by Rose Trupiano - Last Updated Dec 3, 2013
Selected introductory library resources
Peace Studies
by Valerie Beech, John Jentz - Last Updated Jan 7, 2014
Marquette's Mission
by Leatha Miles-Edmonson - Last Updated Jan 29, 2014
This guide offers resources for Mission Week and the mission of Marquette University, including faith, spirituality, finding God, and social justice.
Saint John's Bible
by Amy Cary - Last Updated Jan 8, 2014
Citation Help
by Pat Berge - Last Updated Apr 9, 2014
Sample citations, style guides & other writing resources
Cited Reference Searching & Journal Rankings
by Pat Berge, Rosemary Del Toro, Heather James, Martha Jerme - Last Updated Mar 13, 2014
How to locate articles and other documents that have cited a previously published document. Also how to determine where a journal is ranked in relation to others in its field.

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