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Diversity Resources
African American Studies
by Alberto Herrera - Last Updated Aug 17, 2012
A guide to resources available in African American Studies. The library is the portal to information.
American Indians - Archival Resources
by Mark Thiel - Last Updated Apr 19, 2012
Guide to archival resources about Native Americans (American Indians/Eskimos of North/South America) in the Marquette Archives and other archival repositories
Islamic Studies
by John Jentz - Last Updated Jul 7, 2014
This Research Guides provides access to resources at Marquette Libraries and on the Internet about the Islam and the Mideast.
I Have A Dream Speech of Martin Luther King, Jr.
by John Jentz - Last Updated Sep 3, 2013
This Guide provides an introduction to the speech and scholarship about it, as well as to the March on Washington of August 28, 1963.
Little Rock Nine
by Pat Berge - Last Updated Dec 3, 2013
Latin America--What's Next?
by Alberto Herrera, John Jentz - Last Updated Jul 17, 2013
This Guide supports an interdisciplinary forum to be held at Marquette University during the Fall semester of 2012.
Sub-Saharan Africa--What's Next?
by John Jentz - Last Updated Nov 15, 2013
Citation Help
by Pat Berge - Last Updated Apr 9, 2014
Sample citations, style guides & other writing resources
Nelson Mandela
by John Jentz - Last Updated Dec 10, 2013

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