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Mission Week 2016

Mission Week at Marquette 2016

Three Lectures in Spring 2016

Lecturers' Research Interests

Scow’s research program investigates the role of soil microbial communities in providing ecosystem services in agricultural and polluted ecosystems.  Specifically she investigates linkages between diversity and greenhouse gas emissions, responses of soil functional diversity to longterm management practices, effects of co-contaminants in organic amendments on soil communities, and works extensively in Uganda on irrigation and soil management for enhancing vegetable production for smallholder farmers.  She has published over 170 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.

Michael Mehling has more than a decade of experience working on energy and environmental policy with government agencies, private companies and civil society organizations in North America, Europe and the developing world. His recent work has focused on carbon pricing and other policies to address environmental impacts of the energy system, as well as the effects of the German energy transition, or "Energiewende.

Courses at Marquette on Sustainability

Sustainable Engineering (CEEN 4715), Prof. Brooke Mayer

Environmental Engineering (CEEN 3510), Profs. Brooke Mayer and Pamela Golanowski

Environmental Chemistry (CEEN 4515), Profs. Pamela Golanowski and Patrick McNamara

Environmental Seminar (CEEN 4953), Profs. Daniel Zitomer and Pamela Galanowski

Biochemical Transformations in the Environment (CEEN 6510), Profs. Daniel Zitomer and Pamela Golanowski

Microbiology in the Environment (BIOL 8802), Prof. James Maki