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Mission Week 2016

Welcome to Mission Week 2016!

It is our privilege to invite you once again to the Raynor Memorial Libraries' Mission Week Resource Guide. The Mission Week 2016 theme is, earthjustice: committing to our sacred world. Through this lens we will reflect on how we can respond to the themes of Laudato Si' bringing sustainability sacred creation, cosmos, interrelationships, interdependence, abundance, and God in All Life into our own lives as well as to our sisters and brothers in Milwaukee, the region and around the world.

On May 24, Pentecost Sunday, Pope Francis signed the first encyclical dedicated to caring for Earth. He addressed Laudato Si’ to all people, emphasizing our interconnections with one another and all other creatures that constitute Earth, pointing to the complexities of ecological problems that are especially harmful to poor and vulnerable people now and projected to jeopardize future generations, and urging all people to address these problems from multiple perspectives in a spirit of solidarity.

Catholic institutions of higher learning are obliged to respond to the pope’s encyclical, and the events of this year's Mission Week provide an opportunity for Marquette faculty, students and staff to engage in this process.